Chrome Plugins Mashup

Best Chrome Plugins for Developers

Chrome is my browser of choice, and I’ve spent countless OCD-driven hours amassing and perfecting a collection of the best chrome plugins for developers. These are also especially for people who use Chrome to look at websites.

AdBlock Plus

If you use Chrome to look at websites, AdBlock Plus is a must-have. It blocks banners, pop-ups and video ads. This becomes especially useful when downloading from sites that like to employ the giant green “Download NOW!” button-style advertisement which drive me insane on a regular basis.
[AdBlock Plus]

Basecamp Notifier

The companies for which I work – day job and side business – are both powered by Basecamp. Basecamp Notifier is a great way to stay on top of tasks and interactions. I happen to prefer this over their default bombardment of emails. [Basecamp Notifier]

Cache Killer

Awesome cache killing, period. If you are making changes to deep level code functionality or just updating your Twitter background, you’ll enjoy Cache Killer. Just remember to turn it back off when you’re done lest the interweb feel slower than usual. Recent versions of Chrome have employed the option to empty the cache when DevTools is open, but sometimes I like having a big red button. [Cache Killer]


A solid web eyedropper. Helpful if your team uses something like Invision for sharing mockups which don’t always come with style guides. Bonus points for being able to copy colors to the clipboard in either hex, rgb(a), or hsl. [ColorZilla]

Evernote Web Clipper

I’m a huge fan of, and anything that makes that easier is fine by me. Web Clipper makes it easy to grab and annotate screenshots and then pass them around to get your ideas into your notebooks and across to colleagues. [Evernote Web Clipper]

Google Analytics Debugger

Absolutely invaluable when working with Google Analytics. Written by the Big-G itself, this guy will report Google Analytics post data to your DevTools Console panel. This is awesome when writing custom events, as it provides real-time feedback for what’s happening behind the scenes. By the way, there’s also a a jQuery plug-in for writing custom events. [Google Anatlyics Debugger]

Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-On

Another nice-to-have when working with Google Analytics. In the cases where you need to work on a live site, the GAOOAO will keep your browsing activity from scoring on your Google Analytics reports. [Google Anatlyics Opt-Out Add-On]

Harvest Time Tracker

My team uses Harvest to track time, and this plugin just works darn well. It’s easy to use, and as a bonus it will actively insert “timer” icons next to BaseCamp to-dos to make recording time and staying on task super-easy. [Harvest Time Tracker]


A password management is absolutely necessary these days, and LastPass is my go-to for password management. I love being able to generate strong passwords, and their iOS app isn’t half bad, either. [LastPass]

The Great Suspender

This plugin is especially nice if you’re prone to keeping a bunch of tabs open (like myself). The Great Suspender (with it’s funny icon) will automatically “suspend” your tabs, thereby returning that RAM to your operating system. You can set up whitelist rules easily to keep particular domains or pages from suspending, which is nice for frequently referenced tabs and application tabs, such as Gmail. [The Great Suspender]

Bonus: Personal Plugins

I admit these are less about development and more about news and social, but they deserved an honorable mention.


I like using Buffer for scheduling social interactions to the extent that is possible. I still try to keep up on social throughout the week, but Buffer takes a lot of the pressure off the day-to-day. [Feedly]


When Google Reader was sunset, I was pretty sad – but Feedly was there to swoop in and pick up we refugees without an RSS country. [Feedly]

This is the set of plugins I can’t live (or develop) without. Did I miss anything or leave anything out? Let me know @mikezarandona.


PHP Cache Buster (for CSS & JS)

Adding this bit of PHP to the end of a stylesheet or script incorporation will dynamically append the UTC time to the URL – making it “unique” on every load. EXTREMELY helpful for clients who might not know how to clear their browser cache.


COLORS | A Nicer Color Palette for the Web

LICECap is Awesome


Because it lets you record off your desktop straight to GIF. LICECap

CSS Inheritance in CSS

Out with the Old
I’ve been thinking about CSS inheritance lately. Normally, I would use something like this as base- and extension-classes:

.button {
    // base button styles

.button-success { background-color: green; }
.button-warning { background-color: red; }

<a href="#" class="button button-success">

In with the New
A much cleaner way of accomplishing this same goal:

[class*="button-"] {
    // base button styles

.button-success { background-color: green; }
.button-warning { background-color: red; }

<a href="#" class="button-success">

Bastille – Bad Blood

I’m really digging this album.

I Am King – Onehundred

Working music this week. Heavy with a side of catchy-as-hell hooks.


I am data driven.

JavaScript height(s) can be confusing.

Dance Gavin Dance – Acceptance Speech

I am so happy – I have been waiting so long for this.

DGD is back, and Tilian does a great job. I must see them again when they come to town.